A new curriculum framework for all Scottish educational establishments 3-18, called  Curriculum for Excellence, will offer better educational outcomes for all young people and will provide more choices and more chances for those young people who need them.

The aims of Curriculum for Excellence are that every child and young person should:

•Know they are valued and will be supported to become a successful learner, and effective contributor, a confident individual and a responsible citizen;

•Experience a traditionally broad Scottish curriculum that develops skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work, with a sustained focus on literacy and numeracy, which encourages an active, healthy, environmentally sustainable lifestyle and builds an appreciation of Scotland and its place in the world.

• The experiences and outcomes under Curriculum for Excellence are written at five levels, with progression to qualifications described under the senior phase:

     Early level – the pre school years and P1 or later for some
     First level – to the end of P4, but earlier for some
     Second level – to the end of P7, but earlier for some
     Third and Fourth – S1 to S3, but earlier for some
     Senior phase – S4-S6 and college or other means of study

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