Sexual Health and Relationships Education (SHRE)

Sexual Health and Relationships Education (SHRE) is taught in all non-denominational schools in Inverclyde.

Please find below a list of all lessons taught at the 7 stages in the school.

Primary 1
(1) Me, I am unique
(2) Feelings, this is how I feel
(3) Stranger danger, keep safe
(4) My life, my special people

Primary 2
(1) Living things, where they’re from
(2) Pets, our special friends
(3) I am me, I am like you
(4) Family life, ups and downs

Primary 3
(1) Living things, where they’re from
(2) Bullying, let’s deal with it
(3) Girls and boys, all friends together
(4) Life changes, express yourself

Primary 4
(1) Who cares? We care
(2) Feeling good, you choose
(3) Problems, we can fix them
(4) Our life, who cares for us?

Primary 5
(1) You’re right, I’m right
(2) I am me, you are you
(3) My body, my rights
(4) Growing up, what’s changing?

Primary 6
(1) Friendships, what makes them work?
(2) Online, are you on guard?
(3) Boy stuff, girl stuff, what’s it all about?
(4) Growing up, what’s happening to me?

Primary 7
(1) Going out, keeping safe
(2) Changing times, changing feelings
(3) Growing up, how do I feel?
(4) Growing up – body parts
(5) Families – what are they like?

Before the lessons are taught in your child's class, you will receive a letter informing you of when these lessons will take place.

If you have any concerns regarding your child taking part in these lessons or wish more information about them, please contact Miss Fleming, Depute Head Teacher.

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