Primary 7 Anti-Bullying Week

In Anti-Bullying Week, Primary 7 learned about what makes you smile and what makes you feel happy, sad, upset, angry, included. They also learned about what to do when you are being or see someone else being bullied. They watched two videos. One off of CBBC Newsround called ‘Whose Side You On?’ and one on YouTube called ‘We Are Better Off Without Bullying’ which had no one speaking and had posters and words on people. Primary 7 also made a campaign to stop bullying which was shown on 23rd November 2012 at assembly. The pupils worked in groups and used ICT to get their message across. They made videos, radio programmes and podcasts.

Some people were asked if they liked Anti-Bullying Week and what they enjoyed the most about it. Katie McAskill said she enjoyed it and her favourite thing was doing the campaign. Dani Glover said she enjoyed it as well and also liked the campaign and watching the videos. Jennifer Lyne said she also enjoyed it and liked everything. Marco Zavaroni said he liked it a little and enjoyed the videos!

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