Awesome Activities in P3

We have reported on P3 this week and this is the information that they gave us:

We have been learning about Hundreds Tens and Units. We have been practicing our 5, 6 and 10 times tables and trying to improve. We have been learning songs for the Christmas Carol Concert and practising them.

This week we also learned about the Green Cross Code and how to use water properly without wasting it. Mrs Mills was teaching us about the shapes like hexagons and pentagons and also how to identify them.

The Nativity is very important and we have been auditioning for the narrators to help people understand our Nativity. Mrs Arthur was teaching us all about science including lessons about our bodies. The P1’s have been practising hard for their part in the Nativity and we have been watching them so that they can understand there will be a very big audience.

We had a chance to go to Iona in primary 6’s Drama club and we really enjoyed it also we will be putting on a play for the rest of the school. During the week we have been allowed to wear our Christmas hats and we have had great fun with them. Beth said “We have been doing lots of fun activities this week.” We were making calendars to sell at the P7’s Christmas Cracker and we hoped they would be a great success (which they were).

In class, we really enjoyed making snowmen and putting hats, scarfs and gloves on them. Our ‘Go Walkies’ for Guide Dogs was a huge success and we enjoyed using our toy dogs and bringing in prizes and doing our other activities for the older ones. All of us made lots of Happy Birthday notes and sending them to our friends. If you walk into our class room you will see the birthdays on the wall. Money will be a huge thing in our lives over the next couple of years and because of this we have been learning all about it and how to use it properly without wasting it on sweets and things we want and don’t need.

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