Nursery Information

Morning Session: 8.45am until 11.55am
Afternoon Session: 12.30pm until 3.40pm

Pattern 1 children attend Mon & Tues 8.45am until 3.05pm and Wed 12.30-3.05pm Pattern 2 children attend Wed 12.30- 3.05pm and Thurs & Fri 8.45am until 3.05pm

• Children should be brought to Nursery at the start of their session and enter through the Nursery Class entrance beside the school football pitch.

• Children’s coats are put in the Nursery cloakroom beside their “name/picture”. Please encourage your child to be as independent as possible when taking off and putting on their coat. A change of footwear is not necessary, although heavy boots/Wellington boots etc are not suitable on gym days (ie. Tuesdays for children attending the morning session and Wednesdays for those attending the pm session).

• Children are provided with a daily snack of milk/ juice and fruit. Parents are invited to contribute to the cost of “snack” which is £2 weekly. Money is collected by staff throughout the week, preferably Mondays. Thank you.

• Comfortable clothing should be worn by children attending the Nursery. Nursery sweatshirts and polo shirts are available if parents wish. Please ask staff for further details regarding cost, size and ordering etc.

• “Pigeon holes” for each child are located outside the Nursery doors leading into the main school.

Collection from Nursery Class

Nursery children are usually collected by parents/ carers at the end of the session. If you make arrangements for anyone else to collect your child please inform Nursery Staff.
There may be occasions when you are delayed in collecting your child. If this happens, please contact the School Office and the situation will be explained to your child, hopefully alleviating anxiety and distress. Nursery Staff will make arrangements for your child to be cared for until they can be collected.

Security Entry

The school and nursery have a security entry system which operates at all times. Doors are alarmed at all times and access is only permitted when activated by members of staff. The safety and well being of the children is of paramount importance at all times.

Being creative in the nursery

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