At Wemyss Bay Primary School and Nursery Class we are fully committed to involving parents and carers in their children's education and in the life of the school.

We have an open door policy and recognise that successful partnerships depend on the development of good relationships between school and home.

All children benefit from the interest and involvement of their parents. It is with this in mind that we endeavour to ensure that all parents have opportunities to be involved in their children's learning and education.

A close relationship between home and school, parent and teacher exists and is of vital importance. At the beginning of each session, parents are notified of all school events and thereafter by monthly newsletters.

From time to time individual parents may wish to consult with the Head Teacher or the Class Teacher regarding some aspect of school affecting the education and welfare of their child. In such circumstances parents should not hesitate to contact or visit the school.

During each session parental links are developed through various school organised, curricular meetings and workshops.

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