Additional Support for Learning

As every child is special our aim is to provide a stimulating and caring environment where individuals can learn and develop as happy, motivated members of society.

Each teacher has a responsibility to support the learning of all pupils in their class. The type of support offered will vary according to the needs of pupils. This includes consideration given to children who have a disability, children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, children with learning difficulties of a specific or general nature, children who are exceptionally able, those who demonstrate underachievement relating to gender issues, children whose learning has been interrupted through absence or illness, bilingual children who have English as an additional language, travelling children and those children whose family circumstances impact on attendance and learning.

In order to provide appropriate education for every pupil we recognise the following:
   a) the wide range of children’s abilities and learning styles and barriers to learning
   b) the importance of early identification of and strategies to meet individual needs
   c) continual monitoring of progress
   d) review of teaching strategies

Children who experience difficulties with their learning will receive support. There will be liaison between the class teacher, Additional Support for Learning Teacher, the Additional Support Coordinator and the Head Teacher. Our Additional Support Teacher works with pupils 2.5 days per week to remove barriers to learning and allow pupils to access the curriculum more readily.

The school can also seek advice from external agencies, eg Psychological Services, School Health and Speech Therapist when necessary.

If a parent considers that his/her child requires additional support for learning and wishes to discuss the matter further they should not hesitate in contacting the Head Teacher.

Parents are informed of any difficulties and are both consulted and involved at every stage in supporting the needs of their child. Parental support is of immense value in helping pupils make progress in all curricular areas.

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