Eco Action Team

Eco Schools Green Flag Award Holder Since 2011

The Eco Action Team meets regularly with Mrs Cassidy. They are responsible for driving forward  the school's work on sustainable development and ensuring that environmentally friendly practices exist throughout the school community.

An election was held at the start of the session to decide, in a fair and democratic way, who the team members would be.

Eco Action Team members for session 2012-13 are as follows:

Pupil Members:

P1 Holly Galbraith / Nuala Ward

P2 Sophie Byrne / Eden Hegarty

P3 Jai McIntyre / Jasmine Pears

P4 Alastair McNeill / Matthew O'Donnell

P5 Ramsay Benton / James Dickson / Ayla McCallum

P6 Campbell MacPherson / Christopher Thomson

P7 Erica Horn / Taylor Kennedy

Parent Members:

Mr A. Fyfe

Staff Members:

Mrs P. Cassidy / Mr A. Deveney

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