Rights Respecting School

With the support and co-operation of parents, we promote positive behaviour encouraging pupils to take responsibility for their own actions. The relationship between pupils and staff is enhanced by mutual respect and consideration on both sides. Effective behaviour management ensures pupils are safe and that effective learning and teaching can take place within the learning environment. This allows the school to run smoothly with minimum disruption and distraction.

Wemyss Bay Primary School and Nursery Class has a fair and consistent policy. We aim to develop positive behaviour and encourage our pupils to:
• own their own behaviour
• respect the rights of others
• enhance self esteem and self worth
• build workable relationships

Staff ensure that pupils are motivated. Classroom organisation and management create a working environment that minimises potential disruption and promotes caring and respectful attitudes towards others.

Parents have a vital role to play in the fostering of positive relationships. A sensible and safe approach to activities is expected. Parents and staff work in partnership to promote a healthy school community.  When more serious breaches of our school values have taken place or when a pupil has become so disruptive as to affect either a child’s own education or safety of others, parents are immediately informed. They are then invited to school to discuss the matter and consideration is given to identifying ways of improving the situation for all learners.

Our Rights Respecting Schools Policy is understood by all pupils. It is available to all parents/carers by clicking on the link on this page.

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